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The American Roosevelts


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Give as zip postcode 4698 AJ in ! (Ambachtsherenhuis-Four Freedoms Monument)
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The American Roosevelts

Click here for Open monumentendag overview (dutch) september10.00 - 17.00 !
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In NH church on Open Monumentendag material and presentation by webmaster about history Oud-Vossemeer from before 1256 !
and relation with Ro(o)sevelts, (webmaster is also related to Rosevelt) extended in 2009 and 2010 with new material.

Short 23 min excerpt from 1h10 min dutch version, this with NO SOUND, and english subtitles


Famous Dutch

Roosevelt Genealogy Forum

Early America

<i>Justice</i> from Jacob Xavery 1736/after 1779(see info on Xavery's below) 
with Rosevelt coat of arms, designed and painted by Joannes Piepers, cut out by 
Adriaan van de Bilt

Painting Justice from Jacob Xavery 1736/after 1779(see info on Xavery's below)with Rosevelt coat of arms, designed and painted by Joannes Piepers, cut out by Adriaan van de Bilt

A copy of this painting is also in the museum of Warm Springs,Georgia,USA and the house of Eleanor Roosevelt !

Theodore Roosevelt has visited the Netherlands in 1910 and even knew some Dutch words.

In 1927 the American politician, secretary of Agriculture,later 1941-1945 vicepresident under FDR,
Henry A. Wallace visited the "Rosevelt- house" in Oud-Vossemeer.

Vicepresident HAW

In 1929 and 1934 FDR's nephew Theodore Douglas Robinson visited Tholen to search for the Roosevelt roots.

After his death in 1934 his search continued with the friend of F.D.R. Grenville Temple Emmet.(1877-1937)
1933 [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Netherlands]
1934 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Netherlands
1937 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Austria

On January 20 1937 Emmet held a CBS radio broadcast in the
town hall of our village.
Links to Emmet:
About Emmet
About Emmet

On June 20 1950 Eleanor Roosevelt visited our village.

She visited the "Rosevelt-house" and met with people who had also the name Roosevelt.

Going back 60 years in time with the Roosevelts

Two recordings of Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep were made
of Elenaor Roosevelt and Ms. Jekel who invited her to the Roosevelthouse on June 20, 1950.
(the daughter of Ms.Jekel then 13 years, has given me many leads to the story of the Rosevelthouse)

courtesey P.J.B. 

There are still many people in Nederland with the name Rosevelt.

As in 2000(see special page) on Friday 13th June 2003 a group of 30 descendants of FDR visited Zeeland and Oud-Vossemeer, which just had its annual fair (kermis).
They visited the Roosevelt Study Centre in Middelburg and the Dutch Reformed Church in Oud-Vossemeer.(and the fair)


The Roosevelt family
Links Roosevelt family and Oud Vossemeer

Coat of Arms

The Roosevelt coat of arms dates from the 17th century.
It contains a rosebush with three rose flowers growing upon a grassy mound.
The crest is three ostrich feathers divided into red and white halves.
In heraldic terms it is described as:
Shield: Argent upon a grassy mound a rosebush bearing three roses gules barbed and seeded proper proper.
Crest and mantle: Upon a torse argent and gules, Three ostrich plumes each per pale gules and argent, the mantling gules doubled argent.

from Roosevelt familytree

portrait of F.D.R.
Franlin Delano Roosevelt
32nd President of the U.S.A.
January 30 1882-April 12 1945

FDR familytree

FDR LIbrary on Youtube

Roosevelt, Warm Springs REHAB
portrait of Anna Eleanor 
and his wife Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.
October 11 1884-November 7 1962

Familytree Eleanor Roosevelt


link to United 

A BIG MISTAKE in UN, not found in FOUR FREEDOMS , UN "security" Council has 5 permanent members with VETORIGHTS !

USA,Russia, China, UK and France don't bring the world to PEACE but to PIECES

All debates in UNSC are just hypocrism,
everyone knows either USA or Russia(invasion in Ukraine- migration weapon of Syrian refugees for Europe) or China will block any actions!
USA, Russia and China also don't recognize the International Crimininal Court.
The ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes

So remove the vetorights of USA,Russia,China, UK, France, and wars, refugees, poverty will be gone,
all members UN should rule the world, not just those 5 warmongers for $profit or gains.
In fact since 1900, Sykes-Picot, and treaty of Sevres.
portrait of Theodore 
Theodore Roosvelt
26st President of the U.S.A. October 27 1858-January 06 1919

Theodore Roosevelt familytree

Also known for his nature conservation efforts.
And gave his name also to the teddybear !


NL: Diverse uitgaven in pdf engels over Roosevelt en afstamming
Zie pagina American Roosevelts
EN: Several books english on Roosevelt family and ancestry.

See page American Roosevelts.In pdf on this site.
NL: Om pdf bestanden te bekijken vind U hiereen simpele viewer. Geen installatie nodig.
EN: To view pdf's is herea simpel viewer. No installation required.

These pdf's are protected, you can't modify,copy,save or print them, hotlink is also not possible
6,8MBThe Roosevelt Genealogy, 1649-1902 Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt and the Roosevelt Family Author: Charles B. Whittelsey, b. 1869-1875, originally published in Hartford, Connecticut, 1902 126 pages

4,8MBThe strenuous life: the "Oyster Bay" Roosevelts in business and finance New York: Author: Cobb, Wm. T., W.E. Rudge's Sons, c1946, 105 pages.

0,6MBThe Ancestry of Theodore Roosevelt: a genealogical record from 1649, with notes on the families of Baillee, Bulloch, Douglas, Elliott, Irvine, Stewart, Van Schaack. Author: Clemens, William Montgomery,New York: 1914, 21 pages.

8,3MBAll in the family - by Roosevelt, Theodore, New York, Putnam's 1929, 210 pages

8,4MBThe amazing Roosevelt family : 1613-1942 New York: Author: Schriftgiesser, Karl, W., Funk, c1942, 375 pages.

9,7MBFranklin D. Roosevelt's colonial ancestors : their part in the making of American history Boston: Author: Johnson, Alvin Page, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, c1933, 227 pgs.

Do you have any? In english or dutch? We will scan them for you!

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