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Monument with

flags Mayor and

information official at Ambachtsherenhuis There's the bus

with the delegation Welcomed by mayor Welcomed by mayor Anna and Elizabeth Paparazi Into the church Busdriver and some local kids Interview with broadcast Zeeland, not yet broadcasted however. Posing at the monument More posing Anna

Eleanor Roosevelt and her daughter Elizabeth Johnston and mayor of Tholen, Henk

van der Munnik Group poses Who is that guy with the camera? Anna and Elizabeth Saying goodbye Just bought sausages and delighted with it Elizabeth and mr. Troost Waiting for departure Bye..., come back soon... Bus driving away

Elizabeth Johnston poem at award ceremony

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Ambachtsheerlijkheid Oud- en Nieuw-Vossemeer en Vrijberghe  
History Oud-Vossemeer- dutch  
Oud Nieuws NL  1783-Ermerins over Ambachtsheerlijkheid en Vrijberghe Zeeland 1753 incl. stad en eiland Tholen  
History Nederland (dutch)

By Cees W. Boogaart,Oud-Vossemeer, NEDERLAND

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