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The cradle of the U.S.A. Roosevelt presidents and family.
Location of Oud-Vossemeer on the isle Tholen in the Netherlands

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Location of Oud-Vossemeer on the isle Tholen in the Netherlands

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In NH church on Open Monumentendag material and presentation by webmaster about history Oud-Vossemeer from 1256 ! and relation with Ro(o)sevelts, (webmaster is also related to Rosevelt) extended in 2009 and 2010 with new material.

For the first time this presentation will be available on dvd (vhs on request at additional cost) for the 600 year anniversary of the Amtlords.
lasts approx 1 hour 10 minutes and is without sound.

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Maps of 1865 of places Oud- and Nieuw Vossemeer

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The ambachtsheerlijkheid Oud- en Nieuw Vossemeer en Vrijberghe has own site on
Ambachtsheerlijkheid Oud- en Nieuw Vossemeer en Vrijberghe

De complete tekst uit het befaamde boek Vossemeer, land van 1000 heren" staat daar online.
NOW you can also view the history of Oud Vossemeer in 93 languages ! thanks to google translate See also: Old News

The weather in Oud-Vossemeer (dutch)
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The history of Oud-Vossemeer (maening Old Fox Lake) dates from the end of the 14th century. It has been suggested by Ermerins, a historian in 1784, that this name seems to have been derived from a local stream, the so-called "Vosvliet" (Fox Stream). Frequent use turned it subsequently into Vosmar, Vosmair and Vossemeer. In 1377, William, Count of Holland and Zeeland authorized several persons to embank a number of polders in the vicinity of the island of Tholen.. but already in 1248 the area was mentioned as Vriesendijck.

The one polder in wich the village is situated was diked before or in 1415. The inhabitants were hit hard when the "Saint-Elizabethflood" inundated Oud-Vossemeer in 1421. The last inundation was on 12th March 1906. The church of Gothic style, which is of some historical value, was consacrated to John the Baptist and probably dates from the 15th century. It was built in the middle of the village and it was enlarged early in the l6th century. Nowadays it is a Dutch Reformed church.

As a consequence of military action during the war between Spain and Holland, the population of the village was at the receiving end: houses were burnt down, people were chased and the church was damaged. It was rebuilt afterwards.

Many noticeable things which can be found in it along with its peaceful atmosphere justify a visit to it. An impressive chandelier, which is entirly made of brass, is a gift from Johannes van Roosevelt. In July 1950, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of the President of the United States of America, Franklin D. Roosevelt, visited Oud-Vossemeer as it is supposed that the ancestors of the President originated from this village. The first Roosevelt in America, Claes Martens sun of Roosevelt,arrvived in the New Netherlands (now New York) around 1649. It is supposed that all Roosevelts in the U.S.A. are his descendants. Many of them have attempted to trace their ancestry in Holland but unfortunately the archives which might contain relevant information are missing and so is the proof. The name Roosevelt may have originated from the Rozevelt which is the name of a piece of land on the island of Tholen.

BTW, my own familytree, the nobles Boogaart/Bogaerde dating back to 800/1100 has 4 Rosevelts in it! So hope to find that proof during my effort to put all my own descendants online There's also a brass chandelier of smaller dimensions which bears a history in itself. The guild of the Archers of Saint Sebastianus were specialists in archery and in consuming Olympic amounts of strong drinks. Their games, which they played on Sundays irritated , -the clerical authorities and as a final result their silver shields were sold and with this money a brass chandelier was bought. Inscribed on the cover of a precious silver font is the name "Dionisius Pieter Recxstoot" an important official of the region. * His wife was Johanna Ermina van Roosevelt. It can easily be noticed how influential the Van Roosevelt family has been.

Another peculiar ornament is a gracefully decorated lectern, made of brass which was given tot the church by Mr. Johan Isebree, a former mayor of Goes. His wife, Catharina Elizabeth van Roosevelt, who was born in 17 25 was a sister of Johanna Ermina van Roosevelt. From the Manor-house in Oud-Vossemeer, the church obtained several Bibles and these were later skillfully restored by several Norbertine sisters in Oosterhout.

The history of the Manor-house starts in 1767 when its construction began. It was disigned by Mr. Evert Philipse of Middelburg. Although the design was perfect, the final building that evolved was a bit less perfect, and it was decided tot regulary improve the house, e.g. floors were repaired and wet cellars were given a special treatment. There was also a torture chamber where persons vere given a special treatment. This house was the residence of the local autorties. After a while the Manor-house fell into decay and the municipality deceded to demolish the building in 1948. When officials of the Directorate of Monuments got word of the planned demolition, they immediately suggested these plans be cancelled.

During the extensive restoration, which was terminated in 1956, the prison and the torture chamber were filled up and the instruments of torture were sent to Middelburg where they are now exhibited in the Museum of Zeeland.

Sportvissen en Rondvaarten op de Oosterschelde met de Zwerver 3, Tholen, 06-51 452 999, 0166-604180, Voor een gezellig dagje uit op het water en Bedrijfsuitstapjes
Sportvissen en Rondvaarten op de Oosterschelde met de Zwerver 3 en de de Flipper, Tholen,
06-51 452 999, 0166-604180,
Voor een gezellig dagje uit op het water en Bedrijfsuitstapjes

Het Wagenhuis. Hoogte 15-17-19, 4681 AB Nieuw Vossemeer Tel. 0167-502475 voor Uw barbecue partij,feest partij,huwelijksfeest, themafeest, bedrijfsfeest en gewoon lekker eten!
Het Wagenhuis. Hoogte 15-17-19, 4681 AB Nieuw Vossemeer
Tel. 0167-502475
voor Uw barbecue partij,feest partij,huwelijksfeest,
themafeest, bedrijfsfeest en gewoon lekker eten!

In 2010 the ambachtsheerlijkheid Oud- en Nieuw Vossemeer en Vrijberghe excists for already 600 years!


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See also this site on de Linie van de Eendracht (1583)

 vrijberghe in 1750 genoemd het Rozevelt  

newFinally my pictures, postcards and maps come online! (Due to many requests :-) )
Earnings of pictures of churches will be donated to them! Conserving and restaurations cost a lot and mostly they are not supported by goverments.

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Maps of 1865 of places on island Tholen-2


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Sint Annaland
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Ruine of castle in Stavenisse
Private property of L. de Bruin, Bos 19,4696BD Stavenisse
herd with shepperd


view from pumphouse

road to battery (1600) land at right was sea then

road from battery (1600)

A few panorama's of village and surroundings.
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gezicht op de kerk aan de Raadhuisstraat gezicht op de kerk aan de
Raadhuissstraat     gezicht op dorp vanaf Vogelsangsedijk 

Church history of Oud-Vossemeer up till reformation(dutch)

Even today there are
rosevelts, today it's for the seeds, in 1640 it was for medical purposes manly bronchitis and related

a farmer quite

Not Oud-Vossemeer,
but the new residence of famous author Cees Slager, who wrote De Ramp, about the flood of

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